Business Development Assistant

Position Description:

1. Assist in implementing matters related with business development of the company.

2. Assist in the composition, compilation, record keeping and negotiation of business agreements and contracts.

3. Assist in communication and coordination with clients during project implementation, and keep track of the project progress.

4. Coordinate between different company departments and clients.

5. Complete other duties assigned by the management.

Position Requirement:

1. College certificate in marketing, business administration or international trade related majors or above with over one and a half year of customer service experience.

2. Skillful with Microsoft Office software.  Good at writing official documents and possess basic knowledge of English.

3. Good communication and reception abilities with clients.

4. High level of professionalism, dedication and ethics.

5. Honest, careful, precise, responsible, adoptive learning and zealous.

6. Responsive and good in communication.  Team work oriented.

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