Senior Project Designer

Position Description:

1. Able to independently preside over design work presentation and coordinate works by all consultants, as required by the project.

2. Able to track and manage the project according to the project plan, assuring that  the project will be completed in the right sequence, with satisfying quality and in a timely manner, and make necessary plans and decisions upon encountering risks that occurs as the project progress.

3. Attend meetings between the client and the management.  Responsible for making adjustments after the completion of construction to assure final effect, evaluating  project’s aesthetics and economy of the design proposal, and solving problems arising out of construction effectively.

4. Assist in the company's internal training.

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the company.


1. Undergraduate degree or above with more than seven years of interior design related work experience.

2. Aware of international and local design trends, knowledgeable of strategic objectives of world-class design companies, keeping track of fashionable trends in design and incorporate elements into projects in appropriate opportunities.

3. Has solid foundation of professional skills, extremely familiar with treatment on details, joineries and edgings.  Able to independently complete, examine and review high-quality design concepts.

4. Able to read and comprehend drawings and relevant design materials written in English.  Able to communicate with foreign designers on design related issues via email in general.

5. Good in verbal and written language expression and in organizing and managing.  Undaunted by difficulties and pressure.

Requirements for all the above-mentioned positions:  Graduated with environmental art, interior design and architecture related majors; possess experience in relevant fields (stared hotels, clubs, villas, etc); outstanding hand sketching ability; be skilful at using drawing and office software such as CAD, 3dMax, PhotoShop, etc; extremely dedicated to work; possess team work spirit and unwavering professional ethics.

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