DCDA was invited to participate in the BUILDEX VANCOUVER 2017 Exhibition.

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BUILDEX VANCOUVER, is the largest trade show in western Canada about architecture, decoration, interior design, and property management. It was hosted by SCAFFOLD, a top construction company in B.C., Canada.

The exhibition was aimed at creating a platform for developers and real estate companies to display their products and have better communication. The show was held at the Convention Centre in downtown Vancouver on February 15th-16th 2017 with over 14,000 participants from over 600 companies. The exhibition held large scale seminars and speeches with activities which delivered the future development trend of the construction industry, direction of key industries, building performance, and energy efficiency, etc.
DCDA participated in the exhibition with the classic projects.
During the BUILDEX VANCOUVER 2017 EXHIBITION that shared the innovative products, material, technology and service for the coming season, DCDA exchanged specific and professional thoughts with construction industries from different countries to strengthen the contact with the North American construction industry, in order to further develop a larger domain of the international market. 

David Chang, founder of David Chang Design & Associates (DCDA) had met with Vicki Pearson, a good partner and professional hotel designer, and Lyn Jones, his university professor.

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